7 Underarm Sweat Pads That Banish Excessive Sweating


There are many armpit pads on the market that are designed to absorb sweat and provide protection to stop any sweat showing through your clothes that can lead to much embarrassment.

We have whittled the long list down to just 7, and made sure that these pads are suitable for both men and women who need a solution to their underarm sweating while coping with the everyday challenges of life that hyperhidrosis can bring. They can all be used on T-shirts, blouses, dress shirts, and really just about any first layer of clothing.

The Best Sweat Pads for Excessive Underarm Sweating

Purax Pads (30 Count)

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While some underarm pads only help to absorb and stop sweat from causing sweat stains on your clothes, the great thing about Purax Pads is how they contain an all-natural absorbent to absorb both sweat and odor.

We also love how they are noiseless, making them discrete so no one will be any the wiser that you are wearing them.

A strong adhesive is also used to ensure that the pads stick to the underarms with no chance of them falling off. In fact, these pads from Purax are so secure that you can even play sport while wearing them without them falling off. You are given 30 per pack, resulting in a 15 day supply.

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Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads (40 Count)

Similar to Purax Pads, these Underarm Sweat Guard Pads feature a strong self-adhesive and absorption layer to guarantee that they are securely attached to your underarms all day, regardless if you’re wearing a blouse or any other item of clothing.

They are also lightweight and discrete, so you will probably forget that you’re even wearing them. They work well to fight excessive sweating and the unpleasant odors that the condition brings. Each package contains 40 pads, resulting in a 20-day supply.

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Antiperspirant and Deodorant Pads (75 Count)

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The best thing about these underarm sweat pads are that they contain the active ingredient Aluminum Chlorohydrate, and a whole lot of it at 25%. This ensures that you are kept dry all day, even if you suffer from profuse sweating. They are manufactured by Numark Laboratories, who have an excellent reputation in the industry for providing inexpensive, safe, high-quality, innovative and clinically-proven treatments.

Don’t let the understated packaging put you off, because looks are definitely deceiving in this case. With 75 pads included in each jar, these Antiperspirant and Deodorant Pads deliver excellent value for money.

Keep in mind, however, that they work similarly to SweatBlock and Sweat Shield, in the way that they do not stick to your armpits all day, but are meant to be used once and then discarded.

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Garment Guard Underarm Shields (10 Count)

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These Underarm Shields from Garment Guard are made from 100% cotton and are available in either black or beige. They are made in the USA, so their quality is guaranteed, and come in packs of 10, resulting in a 5 day supply.

The Underarm Shields contain an impressively strong adhesive to adhere to the inside of your clothing to prevent embarrassing wet marks and prevent perspiration stains from forming.

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Kleinert Underarm Shields (24 Count)

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Kleinert is a name that has long been associated with quality when it comes to hyperhidrosis, and for good reason too.

These Underarm Shields feature a highly absorbent, peel & stick, noiseless and discreet design, and can be used on all types of clothing, including suits, blouses, T-shirts, and even clothes made from silk, which can be a real challenge for armpit pads. They aren’t reusable, but with each pack containing 24 they offer good value for money.

No pins, straps or washing is necessary, as each shield contains 3 wide and strong adhesive peel-off strips that do a good job in absorbing sweat and preventing sweat stains and odors. 24 shields are included per pack, resulting in a 12 day supply.

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MONDSS Underarm Sweat Pads (10 Count)

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Perhaps not as well-known as other pads, MONDSS Underarm Sweat Pads do their job excellently and are even recommended by the International Hyperhidrosis Society, so you know that they are effective.

These pads adhere to your skin instead of your clothing, and manage to lock in odor, while absorbing and preventing perspiration marks from ruining your favorite clothes.

Made of a permeable, soft, absorbent fleece, which allows air to circulate freely. Each box contains 10 pads.

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Kleinert’s Underarm Washable Dress Shields

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These machine washable sweat pads and thus reusable dress shields from Kleinert are made from double ply 100% cotton with a vinyl barrier, and are ideal for long or mid length set in sleeves.

They manage to fully protect your clothing from sweat and odors, and provide discreet and comfortable protection all day long. Available in black, beige and white.

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