Best Handkerchief for Sweat


If you’re looking for the best handkerchief for sweat the material must be 100% cotton. While a fabric like silk may feel wonderful on your skin it is not absorbent. Synthetic blends should also be avoided, as they will not be as absorbent as 100% cotton either.

Not only is 100% cotton the most absorbent material when it comes to handkerchiefs designed for sweating but it is also made to last, being able to withstand many, many washes. In fact, a well-made handkerchief will become softer after repeated washings.

While all handkerchiefs may effectively look the same there are some important differences, including their size, durability, shrinkage after washing, and design.

3 Top Handkerchiefs for Sweating

HankyTex 100% Soft Cotton Handkerchiefs (12 Pack)

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These are your standard, no nonsense, run of the mill, well-made white handkerchiefs. They measure 16” x 16, are made from 100% cotton material, and any shrinkage is minimal after washing.

If you’re looking for a simple handkerchief that is up to the task of wiping away sweat you can’t go wrong with these.

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Neat Pal 100% Cotton Handkerchiefs (12 Pack)

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These handkerchiefs are made from 100% cotton and measure 16” x 16” with a high thread count. They feature a well-stitched hem edge that not only make them durable, but also prevent any unravelling. The thread count stands at 400.

If you’re looking for something with a bit more style than the HankyTex yet remaining absorbent and practical these are a great option. They would also make a great gift, and do a great job against sweating.

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Selected Hanky 100% Cotton Handkerchiefs (6 Pack)

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If you want a bit more variety with the design yet need to keep sweating at bay, these are the ones for you. They are just as absorbent as the other two, any shrinkage is minimal, and they are sure to last after many washes – and, of course, are made from 100% heavy duty cotton.

While each pack only contains 6, we feel that this a good trade-off considering their design and slightly lower price. They are good at staying wrinkle-free too.

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