Best Ski Gloves for Sweaty Hands


Sweaty, wet hands when you’re on the slopes can be quite a frustrating, uncomfortable experience. So here are 3 of the best ski gloves for sweaty hands to keep the issue at bay.

Top Pick: Hestra Army Leather Heli

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Hestra has long been synonymous with quality – and the Army Leather Heli ski glove is no exception. It is the company’s most popular glove for the reason that it is able to keep your hands warm yet dry at the same time.

The liners with polyester insulation are removable, the fit is excellent and as stated, and the glove is suitable for all-weather purposes.

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Runner Up Pick: Dakine Titan Glove

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The first you’ll notice about these ski gloves from Dakine is just how well the Gore-Tex waterproof inserts breathe, which means no sweaty hands when you’re on the slopes.

The stretch fleece liners are removable and touch-screen compatible, the waterproof zipper stash pockets that double as a heat pack pocket are a nice touch, as are the nose-wipe thumb panels.

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Budget Pick: Velazzio Ski Gloves

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While these ski gloves from Velazzio don’t feature removable liners as the other two do, they shouldn’t be overlooked – certainly when you factor in the price. They make great budget ski gloves.

They may not come with features like touch-screen functionality or a nose-wipe panel (though they do feature zipper pockets), but what they do is keep your hands warm and from sweating thanks to their Fan-Tex inserts and 3M Thinsulate insulation.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Ski Gloves for Sweating

Is Leather or Synthetic Better for Ski Gloves to Deal with Sweaty Hands?

If we’re specifically talking about sweaty hands, ski gloves made from synthetic materials are undoubtedly better. Common synthetic materials include nylon or polyester, with nylon tending to be tougher and more water resistant, and polyester being more flexible. It’s common for manufacturers to combine different materials, including leather, in their ski gloves to obtain the benefits of each.

Does it Matter if the Ski Gloves are Targeted Towards Snowboarders or Skiers?

Ultimately, it makes little difference. You’ll find some differences such as gloves designed for snowboarding tend to have wrist guards for better protection, as snowboarders tend to fall on their hands and wrists more. The ski gloves may also have a longer cuff and reinforced palm.

However, both snowboarders and skiers are generally looking for the same thing out of a glove: comfort, warmth and fit, although skiers are naturally more concerned with grip due to using poles.

Should I Buy Ski Gloves With Removable Liners for Sweating?

There are a few benefits of buying ski gloves with removable liners, especially  if you have sweaty hand. As they are removable the glove can dry much faster, the liners can effectively be used as a second pair of light gloves, they can be replaced so you don’t have to buy a new complete new pair of ski gloves, and they breathe better which is important to prevent sweaty hands. However, it can also be a hassle to re-seat them in the correct position.