The 3 Best Tennis Overgrips for Sweaty Hands You’ll Keep Coming Back to


While there are several reasons why players may want to use an overgrip, counteracting sweaty hands that can mess up their grip and game is one of the main ones. Here we recommend 3 of the best overgrips for sweaty hands in particular that players come back to time and time again.

Top Tennis Overgrip for Sweaty Hands: Tourna Grip XL

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The Tourna Grip XL is the go-to for all levels of tennis players from the complete beginner to the pro. Tourna claim that the more you sweat the tackier it gets, resulting in a better grip. This isn’t just marketing talk, it is the truth, and why it is it the top pick and so popular among all players, regardless of level.

The only reason not to choose this grip is if you prefer something a little thicker, as this is definitely one of the thinner grips designed for y hay hands out there. It also isn’t the most durable compared to others, but if sweating is your main concern there isn’t anything better.

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Best for Durability: ADV Tennis Dry Overgrip

No doubt ADV Tennis isn’t as well-known as the big boys like Tourna and Wilson, but this overgrip is excellent if you’re looking for a thicker grip that will last longer than almost anything else out there designed to deal with sweaty hands.

It does an excellent job of absorbing sweat, though is a touch below Tourna in this regard. Expect to see more and more players using ADV overgrips in the future thanks to its great dry feel.

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Best for Comfort: Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet OverGrip

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Balancing sweat absorbing properties with comfort isn’t always the easiest thing, but Wilson has managed to achieve it with this grip.

While it doesn’t offer as good protection against sweat as our other two picks, it beats them in comfort. It is also reasonably durable, beating out the Tourna Grip in that regard.

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Tennis Overgrips for Sweaty Hands Buyers Guide

Who Should Buy an Overgrip?

It isn’t just players who need a way to deal with their sweaty hands who can benefit from overgrips. There are several reasons why others might want to use one too. Simply trying to obtain a better grip than the grip on their racquet can provide, better cushioning and shock absorption, and preserving the original racquet’s grip for as long as possible are all reasons why players use them.

Why not just replace the entire grip, you may ask? Well, you sure could, but it’s unlikely to be the best course of action. An overgrip is the much simpler and quicker alternative, it is cheaper, and can provide a level of grip that a replacement grip can’t provide – at least without a lot of experimentation.

It’s rare for players who aren’t complete beginners just getting into the sport, and who play at least somewhat regularly to not use one.

What to consider when buying tennis overgrips for sweaty hands


It’s all good and well for an tennis overgrip to be amazing at stopping sweat getting in the way, but if you don’t find it comfortable then it can be a hindrance to your game. The overgrips we have mentioned above all provide a good level of comfort, with special mention going to the Wilson Pro Tennis Racquet OverGrip, but it may require a bit of experimentation to find the best one that works for you.


Inevitably, your hands are going to sweat when you play tennis, so at least some level of sweat absorbency is required. Just how much you need, though, is ultimately down to you. Naturally, in hotter, more humid climates, a tennis overgrip that is designed for maximum absorbency is more necessary than in cooler climates. The time of year can therefore also be a factor in what sort of overgrip you need. Try and avoid the thinnest tennis overgrips, as they won’t work well for sweaty hands.


Overgrips aren’t the most expensive of items, but if you play often and go through a lot to try and counteract sweaty hands, the cost can soon add up. You can save a bit of money by buying in bulk.