The 4 Best Golf Gloves for Sweaty Hands On the Market


If you’ve ever played golf in hot and humid conditions or if your hands are naturally sweaty because you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you know just how frustrating it can be to grip your club without it slipping. Instead of dealing with the frustration of a poor grip that can cost you valuable strokes when playing, here are 4 of the very best golf gloves on the market for sweaty hands that can elevate your game.

Hirzl Trust Control Textured Palm Kangaroo Leather Golf Glove

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If you’re a medium to high handicap player then there is no better golf glove on the market for sweaty hands than the Hirzl Men’s Trust Control Textured Palm glove.

It is not only regularly voted as the best glove for wet wet and humid conditions, delivering up to 5x more grip than other gloves, but also provides 3x more grip in dry weather conditions. Its palm is 100% sweat resistant and is made from textured kangaroo palm leather.

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Hirzl Men’s Trust Feel Smooth Palm Kangaroo Leather Golf Glove

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While Hirzl’s Trust Control golf glove is the number one choice for medium to handicap players, the Hirzl Trust Feel is the go to glove to low handicapped players, due to its ability to give you enhanced feel and control.

It doesn’t quite deliver as much as 5x more grip in wet and humid conditions (4x more grip instead), and 3x more grip in dry weather conditions (2x more grip instead), nevertheless it is still substantially better than other gloves on the market if you have sweaty hands and are a low handicap golfer. The palm is also made from textured kangaroo palm leather and is 100% sweat resistant.

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Footjoy StaSof Golf Glove

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Considering that the Footjoy StaSof Men’s Golf Glove has and continues to be used by some of the very best professional golfers in the world for the past 30 years, you just know that it does its job well.

The glove incorporates Taction2 Advanced Performance leather, which is exclusive to Footjoy, to guarantee a golf glove that deliver unrivaled moisture resistance and grip. Furthermore, the glove also features elasticized PowerNet mesh material that is naturally breathable to ensure cool comfort while improving fit and flexibility.

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Footjoy RainGrip Golf Glove (1Pair)

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Due to being made of suedemark microfiber palm material, the Footjoy RainGrip Golf Glove is an excellent choice when you need better grip in wet or humid conditions, due to the way it conforms to both your hands and your club for better control.

Something Footjoy dubs as QwikDry knit material is used and placed along the back of the hand for not only quick-drying comfort, as its name suggests, but also to ensure more flexibility and breathability.

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